Hilary 2015

Week 1 (Friday, 23 January)

The Jowett Society

Tim Button (Cambridge) Deflationary Metaphysics and Ordinary Language

Week 2 (Friday, 30 January)

The Jowett Society

Jason Stanley (Yale) Ideology

Week 3 (Friday, 6 February)

The Philosophical Society

Michael Martin (UCL/Berkeley) Moore’s Dilemma

Week 4 (Friday, 13 February)

The Jowett Society

Jessica Brown (St. Andrews) Defeat, Dogmatism, and Bayesianism

Week 5 (Friday, 20 February)

The Jowett Society

Cian Dorr (NYU) Diamonds Are Forever (co-written with Jeremy Goodman)

Week 6 (Friday, February 27)

The Philosophical Society

Ian Phillips (St. Anne’s College, Oxford) Unconscious Perception Reconsidered

Week 7 (Friday, 6 March)

The Philosophical Society

Mikkel Gerken (Edinburgh) Folk Epistemology and Salient Alternatives

Week 8 (Friday, 13 March)

The Jowett Society

Susanna Rinard (Harvard) Reasoning One’s Way out of Skepticism