Hilary 2016

Week 1 (Friday, 22 January)

The Jowett Society

Penelope Mackie (Nottingham) – Perception, mind-independence, and Berkeley

Week 2 (Thursday, 28 January)

The Jowett Society & The Philosophy of Physics Seminar

Saul Kripke (CUNY) – Wittgenstein, Russell, and our Concept of the Natural Numbers

!! The talk will take place on Thursday, 28 January, in the TS Eliot Theatre at Merton College from 5:30-8:00 pm !!

Week 3 (Friday, 5 February)

The Philosophical Society

Karen Nielsen (Somerville College, Oxford) – Vice in the Nicomachean Ethics

Week 4 (Friday, 12 February)

The Jowett Society

Thomas Hofweber (UNC Chapel Hill) – Idealism and the limits of conceptual representation

Week 5 (Friday, 19 February)

The Philosophical Society

Alvin Goldman (Rutgers) – Collective Justifiedness Revisited

Week 6 (Friday, February 26)

The Jowett Society

Jessica Wilson (Toronto) – Quantum Metaphysical Indeterminacy

Week 7 (Friday, 4 March)

The Philosophical Society

Thomas SinclairThe Wrongness Paedophilia

Week 8 (Friday, 11 March)

The Jowett Society

Nick Treanor (Edinburgh) – The Proper Work of the Intellect