Hilary 2018

Week 1 (Friday, 19 January)

The Jowett Society

Katalin Farkas (CEU) — Practical knowledge and practical learning

Week 2 (Friday, 26 January)

The Jowett Society

Rachel Fraser (Cambridge) — Narrative Epistemology

Week 3 (Friday, 2 February)

The Philosophical Society

Simona Aimar (UCL) — Causal claims and the Ontology of Causation

Week 4 (Friday, 9 February)

The Jowett Society

David Charles (Yale) — Did Aristotle dodge the mind/body problem?

Week 5 (Friday, 16 February)

The Philosophy Society

Rob Stainton (Western Ontario) — Meaning Pluralism, Sociolinguistic Register and Slurring Words

Week 6 (Friday, 23 February)

The Jowett Society

Salvatore Florio (Birmingham) — Plurals and Mereology (joint work with David Nicolas)

Week 7 (Friday, 2 March)

The Philosophical Society

John Divers (Leeds) — Skeptical Questions About Metaphysical Necessity

 Week 8 (Friday, 9 March)

The Jowett Society

Sarah Moss (Michigan) — Full Belief and Loose Speech