Michaelmas 2014

Week 1 (Friday, 17 October)

The Jowett Society

Jonathan Schaffer (Rutgers), The Ground between the Gaps

Week 2 (Friday, 24 October)

The Jowett Society

L.A. Paul (UNC Chapel Hill), Modelling Decisions under Transformative Preference Change

Week 3 (Friday, 31 October)

The Jowett Society

Robert Stalnaker (MIT), Reflection, Endorsement, Calibration

Week 4 (Friday, 7 November)

The Jowett Society

Cora Diamond (Virginia), On There Not Being Anything Else to Think

Week 5 (Friday, 14 November)

The Jowett Society

Salvador Mascarenhas (St. Catherine’s College, Oxford), The Conjunction Fallacy as Reasoning about Ignorance

Week 6 (Friday, 21 November)

The Jowett Society

Crispin Wright (NYU/Aberdeen), Can Sense be made of Faultless Disagreement?

Week 7 (Friday, 28 November)

The Jowett Society

Nicholas K. Jones (Birmingham), Object as a Determinable

Week 8 (Friday, 5 December)

The Philosophical Society

CANCELLED (The Philosophical Society will convene as usual starting in Hilary term)