Michaelmas 2015

Week 1 (Friday, 16 October)

The Jowett Society

Scott Sturgeon (Birmingham) Belief and Confidence

Week 2 (Friday, 23 October)

The Jowett Society

Max Deutsch (Hong Kong) Gettier’s Method

Week 3 (Friday, 30 October)

The Philosophical Society

Lucy O’Brien (UCL) Shameful Self-Consciousness

Week 4 (Friday, 6 November)

The Jowett Society

Susanna Siegel (Harvard) Epistemic Charge

Week 5 (Friday, 13 November)

The Oxford Graduate Philosophy Conference

Havi Carel (Bristol) The Philosophical Role of Illness.

Week 6 (Friday, 20 November)

The Philosophical Society

Andreas Mogensen (Jesus College, Oxford) Moral Testimony Pessimism and the Uncertain Value of Authenticity

Week 7 (Friday, 27 November)

The Philosophical Society

Jennifer Nagel (Toronto) Attitudes and Biases, implicit and explicit

Week 8 (Friday, 4 December)

The Jowett Society

Seth Yalcin (Berkeley)  Varieties of Nonfactual Discourse