Michaelmas 2016

Week 1 (Friday, 14 October)

The Jowett Society

Brett Sherman (Rochester) – Modality and Openness

Week 2 (Friday, 21 October)

The Jowett Society

Brian Rabern (Edinburgh) – A Bridge from Semantic Value to Content

Week 3 (Friday, 28 October)

The Philosophical Society

Ernest Sosa (Rutgers) – Insight and Understanding

Week 4 (Friday, 4 November)

The Jowett Society

Jöelle Proust (Ecole Normale Superieure) – Are there several types of rational action?

Week 5 (Friday, 11 November)

The Oxford Graduate Philosophy Conference

Ned Block (NYU) – There is a joint in nature between cognition and perception even though cognitive penetration is rife and there is no modularity of mind.

Week 6 (Friday, 18 November)

The Philosophical Society

Paul Elbourne (Magdalen College, Oxford) – Definite Descriptions and Negative Existential Quantifiers

Week 7 (Friday, 25 November)

The Philosophical Society

Ralph Wedgwood  (USC) – The internalist virtue theory of knowledge

Week 8 (Friday, 2 December)

The Jowett Society

Katherine Hawley (St. Andrews) – Trustworthiness and Autonomy