Michaelmas 2017

Week 1 (Friday, 13 October)

The Jowett Society

Leon Horsten (Bristol) — Mathematical Infinity

Week 2 (Friday, 20 October)

The Jowett Society

Katherine Puddifoot (Birmingham) — Epistemic innocence and Memory Distortion

Week 3 (Friday, 27 October)

The Philosophical Society

Eric Watkins (UC San Diego) — Kant and the Grounding of Transcendental Idealism

Week 4 (Friday, 3 November)

The Jowett Society

Anna Mahtani (LSE) — The Unified Account of Credence

Week 5 (Friday, 10 November)

The Jowett Society

J. Robert G. Williams (Leeds) — Induction and interpretation

Week 6 (Friday, 17 November)

The Philosophical Society

Adam Caulton (Oxford) — Symmetries and “analytic” postulates: a framework for interpreting physical theories

Week 7 (Friday, 24 November)

The Philosophical Society

Agnes Callard (Chicago) — Refutation

 Week 8 (Friday, 1 December)

The Jowett Society

Jenny Saul (Sheffield) — Dogwhistles and Figleaves: Techniques of Racist Linguistic Manipulation