Trinity 2015

Week 1 (Friday, 1 May)

The Jowett Society

Elizabeth Miller (Birmingham) Whither the Humean Hologram?

Week 2 (Friday, 8 May)

The Jowett Society

Nancy Cartwright (Durham/UCSD) How do you know what made the Ratman better?

Week 3 (Friday, 15 May)

The Philosophical Society

Paulina Sliwa (Cambridge)

Week 4 (Friday, 22 May)

The Jowett Society

David Chalmers (NYU) Finding Space in a Nonspatial World

Week 5 (Friday, 29 May)

The Philosophical Society

Louise Antony (UMass Amherst) Intelligible Causation: How Causes Can Justify Beliefs

Week 6 (Friday, 5 June)

The Jowett Society

Graham Priest (CUNY/Melbourne) Objects that are not Objects

Week 7 (Friday, 12 June)

The Philosophical Society

Ralf M. Bader (Merton College, Oxford) Hyperintensional Equivalence

Week 8 (Friday, 19 June)

The Jowett Society

Kai von Fintel (MIT) Variable Costs (joint work with David Beaver)