Trinity 2018

Week 1 (Friday, 27 April)

The Jowett Society

John Hawthorne (USC) — Chisholm’s Paradox (co-authored with Juhani Yli-Vakkuri)

Week 2 (Friday, 4 May)

The Jowett Society

Murat Aydede (UBC) — What is a pain in a body part?

Week 3 (Friday, 11 May)

No meeting.

Week 4 (Friday, 18 May)

The Jowett Society

Ian Proops (UT) — The inestimable world: Kant resolution of the mathematical antinomies

Week 5 (Friday, 25 May)

The Philosophy Society

Fraser MacBride (Manchester) — Relations: Metaphysics and Language

Week 6 (Friday, 1 June)

The Jowett Society

Miriam Schoenfield (MIT) — Defending Propriety: Reconciling Accuracy and Verisimilitude

Week 7 (Friday, 8 June)

No meeting.

 Week 8 (Friday, 15 June)

The Jowett Society

Ofra Magidor (Oxford) — How both you, and the BIV can know whether or not you are envatted