Trinity 2016

Week 1 (Friday, 29 April)

The Jowett Society

Dan López de Sa (ICREA & Barcelona) Women, People, and Humans: A Response to Witt’s The Metaphysics of Gender

Week 2 (Friday, 6 May)

The Jowett Society

Delia Graff Fara (Princeton) – Descriptions are Predicates (and Adverbs of Quantification Float)

Week 3 (Friday, 13 May)

The Philosophical Society

Sandy Goldberg (Northwestern) – Assertion, Silence, and the norms of public reaction

Week 4 (Monday, 16th May)

The Jowett Society

Christopher Peacocke (Columbia) – Ontology and Intelligibility

NB: This session will take place on Monday of 4th week instead of Friday. Time: 12-2pm.

Week 5 (Friday, 27 May)

The Philosophical Society

Guy Longworth (Warwick) – Austin on Knowing

Week 6 (Friday, 3 June)

The Jowett Society

Imogen Dickie (Toronto) – Reference as Cognitive Focus

Week 7 (Friday, 10 June)

The Philosophical Society

Paul Boghossian (NYU) – Intuition and the A Priori

Week 8 (Friday, 17 June)

The Jowett Society

Roy Sorensen (Washington, St. Louis) The Most Demanding Morality is  the Least Demanding